Custom Assemblies

Fortune Rope & Metal Company can fabricate custom cable assemblies to your drawings, and to stringent specifications and requirements in small numbers to large production runs, with the quick turnaround time that you need, and in the packaging you require.

Fortune Rope has the experienced and knowledgeable staff to handle all your requirements. With a large in-stock inventory of aircraft cable, wire rope, and hardware fittings, we can meet or exceed your production schedule for custom cut-to-length cable and rope. Some of the terminations and fittings we can provide as part of custom cable assemblies include:

  • ↦Loops
  • ↦Thimbles
  • ↦Ball Fittings
  • ↦Sleeves & Stops
  • ↦Stake Eyes
  • ↦Ball Shanks
  • ↦Threaded Studs
  • ↦Custom Fittings
  • ↦Turnbuckles
  • ↦Hooks
  • ↦Swivels
  • ↦Snap Hooks
  • ↦Clevises
  • ↦Wire Rope Clips
  • ↦Links
  • ↦Shackles

If the fitting you require isn't listed above, contact us for further assistance!

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